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Our approach to photography is based on the belief that each photograph is unique. We blend journalistic wedding coverage with traditional wedding photography allowing us to document and at the same time capture the beauty and details of your wedding day. Posed pictures are taken quickly, allowing the bride and groom to enjoy their day without interruption. 

We capture the magic moments… the first glance, the flower girl, a kiss, a hug, the first dance, the joy, the love. Whatever the moment, we capture the right picture at the right instant without directing it. Our goal is for you to look at your wedding pictures and say “Yes” That is just how it was”

PicMe Photography

I'm a visual storyteller and my approach to wedding photography is simple. I want to tell the story of your wedding day in a timeless and elegant way. I want to tell future generations how happy the day was for the two of you and for all the guests that were there. I want to capture all the laughter, tears, and joy that happened when you were not looking. I want to do all that in a way that is uniquely you. Each photographer is unique and each client is different, but if we share the same approach then I would love to be your wedding photographer.

What I love about my job is that I capture memories of a life time. I truly believe that if you love what you do, you will do great work.


PicMe Cinematography

Wedding cinematography that doesn't just document your day but captures its beauty through artful filmmaking. We merge the clarity and quality of modern cinematography with the intimacy of the vintage style to create a wedding video that is stylish, beautiful, and full of heart.

We come and film your bridal parties getting ready.
We film guests arriving and all the beautiful in-between moments before your ceremony starts.
We film your ceremony with two cinema quality cameras.
We look awesome doing it.
After the ceremony, we film your entire reception, capturing all the magic that happens. 
Two videographers, to make sure we capture every moment.
We stay for as long as it takes to get everything we need to make a beautiful wedding film.


The Media Booth

Party Station.jpg

Party Station Booth

(Photos, Slow-motion video, VR 360, Light Painting, Flip Books ,Green Screen Video & Pictures) 40 in touchscreen and display.

Party Station Mini

(Photos, Slow-motion video,Green Screen Video & Pictures) 24in touchscreen and display

Party Station Mini.jpg
Enchanted Mirror Booth.jpg

Enchanted Mirror Booth

(Photos only & Green Screen) & a lot more comes with the Booth. Click read more to view further details.

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